Sunday, July 11, 2010

Mountains in the Moonlight

I went outside
Just go outside
Look look
Either the cold
or the view
could've alone been responsible
for taking my breath away
But it was both
though it wasn't so cold
Cold for November 1
Wearing pyjamas and flip flops
with a fleece blanket like a parka
So it would be fair to say it was the view
a photo wouldn't do it justice
Maybe a painting but only one painted on the inside of a sphere
could compare to the scale and wonder that I saw
Words are wonderful and fluid and deep and emotive
but my words would never begin to pry out the melancholy and power
I saw
I can only hope these words will always be enough to remind me of what
I saw
But the lace of the night might slowly unravel
leaving my mind with just the hint of the extraordinary that
I experienced
Shadows across mountain cirques
tracing peaks
and peaks and peaks
and I imagined being colder and higher and closer to the earth than
I was
right there with my sandaled feet in the gravel of pad 1
And I wonder if I'll ever experience
such as I did tonight
Such poignant, cloud-fly-by, passing, shining
and though it may never return
to rest in front of my eyes
I so deeply wish that it will always rest
lightly and exquisitely
at the back of my mind
permeating my consicousness
Whenever I need a hint of otherworldliness
of sacred raw light
let me remember
oh please
Let me remember

Nov 1 2009
Cline River, Alberta, Canada

I post this now - many months after I wrote it late one glorious night....because I have a feeling and a hope that beauty and majesty will be in my life even more often now here in the North than perhaps ever before in my adult life.


SSinvestor said...

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Kristin said...

Beautiful!!! I miss you (: Love, Kristin

Kristin said...

Beautiful!!! I miss you... Love, Kristin